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What is Crowdfunding, Who Will Use It, Is It Worth the Hype?—Fox Roth

posted Apr 3, 2013, 4:30 PM by David Khorram

Published on Apr 16, 2012

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When you think of crowdfunding, you think of Kickstarter—or at least many people do. The popular project-funding portal is the current face of crowdfunding and, while it gives people an easy picture of the über-hyped trend, we're about to see a different and much more grown-up version of crowdfunding with the passing of the JOBS Act. To explain what crowdfunding will look like under the new Act, who will use it and whether or not it's truly worth the hype it's receiving, we bring in James Saksa of Fox Rothschild. Saksa wrote an excellent series on crowdfunding for the Securities Compliance Sentinel: http://securitiescompliancesentinel.f...